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SweetWater Marketing Inc. is a full-service marketing firm pledged to provide the technical and creative solutions necessary for you to realize your vision and grow your business.

Our talented team has already done this with a diverse range of partners, from high-tech global companies to local startups by capitalizing on the experience of a staff with more than 75 combined years of experience.

We provide a comprehensive array of services as well as flexible scheduling to meet your needs. SweetWater can help you extend your reach, whether you’re a new business seeking to establish your identity or a large organization striving to meet a tight deadline for a new product.

We promise to always listen to and honor your needs and feedback. We are committed to guiding you through the process by evaluating your requirements, presenting a thorough plan of action, and executing that strategy with the utmost efficiency.

Let’s start the discussion today. We look forward to helping your company grow!

Find a service for your needs.

We provide a full range of marketing services. Choose exactly what fits your needs and budget.

Brand Identity

We handle logo design, theming components, and usage guidelines to ensure that your brand delivers a clear and cohesive message.

Event Planning

We execute planning, staffing, and other management duties for events so you can focus on engaging your customers.

Social Media Strategy

We use a variety of social media platforms and strategies to engage audiences and promote brand awareness.

Campaign Development

We provide in-depth recommendations and strategies for maximizing revenue by combining new media options with traditional advertising.

Multimedia Design

We create exciting assets like interactive videos, presentations, and mixed media designed to tell your company’s story.

Web Development

We design high-quality, feature-rich websites, providing the best viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices.

Data Analytics

We analyze the trends, engagement, and key metrics related to web traffic, email marketing, and other campaigns for your business.

Content Creation

We provide copywriting services for any and all print media, press releases, and content tailored for the web.

Promotional Items

We provide you with the best possible promotional products and services for your company by partnering with industry leaders.

Web Hosting

We provide the infrastructure necessary to run productive, reliable, and professional websites that perform well for all your customers.

Combine Services into Packages.

These packages are priced to save you money – you can use them as building blocks. Let’s start the conversation and develop a plan for your success!
Kick Start

Utilize our creative forces to design your brand, start your online presence, and spread the word.

Social Media

Build momentum by integrating social platforms and a content cadence that reaches your customers.

Event Management

Let us assist with the organization and promotion of your event so you can focus on engagement.

Demand Generation

Attract new business with data-driven campaigns designed to generate, capture, and secure leads.


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Brenda Pearce

With more than 25 years of experience in highly demanding marketing management roles for a global software company, Brenda Pearce understands the critical requirements of emerging businesses. This professional experience has enabled her to develop knowledge and skills in areas including strategic planning, business development, sales training, partner channels, customer prospecting, campaign development, and messaging. Brenda has extensive experience in creating detailed action plans and following through to accomplish desired results. She has a unique ability to focus on critical information and communicate clearly with customers and partners. Her community service includes support for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, ALS Association Alabama Chapter, and the Christian Women’s Job Corps of Madison County. In 2012, she was honored with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Leadership Award. Brenda holds a B.S. degree in finance and an MBA in marketing from Auburn University.

As a startup company, I completely understand the concept of “I don't know what I don't know”. Brenda energetically fills that gap. The combination of enthusiasm and tireless work ethic makes her and SweetWater Marketing a great asset to new companies who are looking to start growing.- Bob Arnone, Owner, Get It Right Enterprises
Brenda Pearce with SweetWater Marketing... whew! When you hire Brenda, communicate your goals and get out of her way. She is the most professional, creative, and energetic marketer that I have ever witnessed. If she can't grow your business it isn't growable!- David Bell, Owner, Rocket City Insurance Group
I have worked with Brenda for many years on various marketing initiatives. Without exception, she is professional, creative, and effective. Brenda assisted with marketing and special programs for the 10th Anniversary ALS Alabama Wine and Dine – helping us achieve over 100 percent growth! Brenda is results-driven and a great steward of marketing dollars!- Jill Homan, Director, ALS Association – Alabama Chapter
With years of experience, Brenda understands the big picture of putting together and executing effective marketing campaigns. She is particularly good at building strong relationships with all stakeholders and effective in negotiating with venue/conference organizations.- Dave Holmes, Business Development, Hexagon Geospatial
As marketing specialist in my division at Intergraph, Brenda brought a positive outlook to all of our projects no matter how challenging. She was dedicated to helping our customers and providing a successful outcome. I was always pleased with the feedback we received when a project was completed.- David Kingsbury, Vice-President, Engaging Clients, BizTech
Brenda was invaluable in developing the partner channel at Intergraph. She created great relationships with partners Microsoft and Oracle to secure co-op marketing funds and engage in mutually beneficial marketing campaigns. Her collaborative approach and extensive marketing knowledge resulted in successful interactions time and again.- Steve Reed, President and Founder, Go-To-Market Strategies, LLC.





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After working in marketing in the high-tech software industry for more than 25 years, Brenda felt called to create her own marketing firm – thus the birth of SweetWater Marketing Inc. She named the company SweetWater as a tribute to her family; her grandparents lived in Sweetwater, Tennessee, and when she was a child she visited often. Her dad used to say that Sweetwater was a little piece of heaven on earth. Her grandparents had a farm with horses and cows, a big vegetable garden – everything necessary for a self-reliant life on the land. Brenda and her family had plenty of fresh air and endless opportunities not only for building their imaginations but also for creating a strong work ethic. It was a place where a handshake was your word and neighbors were always ready to lend a helping hand.

At SweetWater Marketing we honor those same values. We will always be honest with you. Our handshake is our word. And we want to help our neighbors. We encourage work-life balance and believe that our future depends on the strength of family. Our years of experience in the marketing industry will allow us to work quicker, smarter, and more effectively for you – saving you time and money. We look forward to assisting you as you grow your company and achieve the success you’re looking for. Let’s start the discussion today!

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